LulaRoe Fashion Show

Quick note: some people ask me “what’s so special about LulaRoe leggings?”. I assume these people have never felt them in person. 1 – they are buttery soft. 2 – I am 6’0″ tall and the Tall & Curvy size leggings go past my ankles. 3 – No crease in my waist where the band stops. 4 – they don’t pill the in thighs (if you don’t know what that means then just move along!). 5 – they are thick (this company prides itself on providing conservative clothing for all ages). If you would like to know more about LulaRoe comment below, or send me a private message and I will put you in touch with my consultant.

I had the opportunity (and privilege!) to be a model during a LulaRoe Fashion Show this past month. We fashioned the different pieces of Lula and showed the audience a few different ways to alter your favorite pieces. I will be collaborating with my favorite consultant Bobbi Chavez after the new year on a special LulaRoe “Alternates” feature! Keep your eye out for some amazing ideas!

My favorite piece of the day (so much so that I purchased it immediately) was this patterned Carli with a pair of TC (Tall & Curvy) leggings. I am told I am the “perfect height” for a Carli to wear with leggings because it’s like a pop of pattern at my knees. Not to fear, our new year feature will show you how you can alter or wear your Carli in different and fun ways!


Here I am explaining that I had previously worn a Carli and leggings for our Thanksgiving weekend flight. What perfect, comfortable travel-wear!


My other outfit was a feature of the “Elegance Collection”. The Elegance Collection was a special holiday release packed-full of surprise sparkles, shimmers, and shines! Here I am featuring an elegance Classic Tee tucked into an elegance skirt.


I want to send a HUGE thank-you to Bobbi Chavez for giving me the opportunity to model LulaRoe! Remember to keep your eye out for our LulaRoe collaboration coming some time in January!


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