8 Days of Cabi Christmas – Day 2

Welcome to my 8 Days of Cabi Christmas collaboration! Have you ever heard of Cabi Clothes? These beautiful clothes are distributed to consultants all over the United States where you can have in-home or online parties! Every season there are new clothes to try on and show off!

The best part about Cabi Clothes? They work with any size and shape! Some clothes I wore an XL and some clothes I was comfortable in a S!

In my 8 day feature I will share some of my favorites from the Fall 2016 collection. Interested in anything you see? Contact me directly to put you in touch with some of my favorite Cabi Consultants!


Relax Tee in Stone Wash Size S

Napa Vest in Melange Blue Size S


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Looking good, girlfriend!!


    1. Thank you!! Napa Vest is ‘da bomb!


  2. Yes, the best looks comfy and warm, you look amazing!


    1. Thanks Mel! this was BY FAR my favorite!


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