Lucia Sarto Osoyoos Scarf

Edit 6

I am THAT girl. The girl with too many scarves. The girl who’s fiance threatens to leave her if she buys more scarves (jokingly of course). None of my other scarves compare to Lucia Sarto’s scarves so I wasn’t afraid to add two of them to my collection.

Edit 2

Lucia isn’t just an Italian designer, she’s an artist. Her scarves are created from her paintings, which are stunning!

Edit 1

The Osoyoos silk scarf is 100 x 100 cm.

Edit 5

I have never worn a square scarf before but it is extremely versatile! You can wear it in a number of different styles and with almost any outfit!

Edit 3

I loved this scarf so much that I wore it in the heat of Kansas summer! The silk is breathable so wearing in the summer isn’t a huge problem. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to own this gorgeous work of art you can wear around your neck!

Scarf: Osoyoos by Lucia Sarto


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  1. Tall Wife says:

    Fear not! You are not alone, here’s a scarf fanatic too. I once came back from Vietnam with 15 scarfs (seriously, 15) in my suitcase, and my husband went crazy… I said that they were gifts… And they were, or at least 2 of them were… 😉

    xx Karen


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