Putting a Stamp in my Passport


You know the old phrase, “When in Rome”? Well, I went to Rome! More specifically, we traveled all across Italy, including Rome. Being in a country full of stick-thin fashionistas was a little intimidating, but I tried my best to fit in! My first time out of the country was definitely a life-changing experience!

We went to the luxury shopping district so I wore my Torrid Rebel Dress, Ray Bans, and my AMAZING Dansko walking sandals.


These Dankso walking sandals were the best purchase I have ever made! They were more expensive than I would normally spend on shoes, but they were definitely worth the price. These sandals supported my feet while we walked an average of 10 to 15 miles every day! Not to forget, they were also VERY cute! I highly recommend these to anyone who needs cute, comfortable, walking shoes! They are PERFECT for traveling!



Of course I had to include some of my Britelite hair color sticks in my outfit!

Dress: Torrid Rebel Wilson Fit and Flare Dress

Britelites: Turquoise Color Stick

Sandals: Matty Camel Sandals


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