Summer Products I am LOVING Right Now


I LOVE the summer and I can’t seem to get enough of these SUMMER BEAUTY HITS in my photos!

  1. BriteLites Temporary Hair Color Link


As a lady with a full-time professional job, I unfortunately can’t be as wild with my haircolors as I would like. So instead I can use these gorgeous little hair color sticks to get as wild as I want! All the times I have used them so far have washed out within 2 – 3 washes. For my look above I used colors above Ic (Ice Blue) and Li (Lilac), I like to call it my “mermaid look”. I have also used Turqoise, which I LOVE!

The application couldn’t be more straight-forward and uncomplicated. You can go as light or dark with the color as you like! I always end up with the coloring all over my hands, but it takes seconds to wash it away once you’ve finished styling.

2. Lipsense Lip Color Link

I am that girl that is CONSTANTLY reapplying lipstick/chapstick/lipgloss what have you. Due to my lip shape I am also constantly wiping lipstick off my face from rubbing my lips together. Lipsense has saved my life! I started using the color pictured: Currant, a few months ago and will never go back! I apply the color ONCE, that’s right ONCE, a day and then gloss to my preference. The color stays applied after drinks, food, kissing, what have you! This stuff is MAGIC!

I do warn you not to wear this lip color without the proper gloss accessory. The nature of the long lasting color is very…glue-like (for lack of a better word) without the proper coat of gloss atop it. I typically gloss over my lipstick anyways, so it works out perfectly for me!

I hope you enjoyed my reviews of my latest loves! Enjoy yourselves this summer ladies!


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