Local Feature -Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City


I am an adventurer. I always look for things to do that are “out of the norm”. My friends know this and are always interested in what I’m up to. One of my favorite local hangouts is the Alamo Drafthouse – Kansas City. Now let me say that 75% of the time I mention the Alamo I get blank stares. I am flabbergasted by the number of locals who have no idea what the Alamo Drafthouse is. That is why I am thrilled that my first local feature was an interview with Ryan Davis, the Programmer/Creative Manager here at the Alamo. He gave me a lot of unknown information about the history of the Alamo, how things work, and some awesome insider hacks!

This building has a long history of cinema. From the Empire Theatre to the Main St. Theatre to AMC and now the Alamo Drafthouse, there have been thousands of films shown in this building over the years. Exploring these old city buildings just fascinates me. Just think of all the history that’s within those walls!

If you’re familiar with the Alamo then you know it’s not all about new releases here. Cult classics, pre-releases, 35MM screenings, and movie marathons are just a few of the awesome events on the calendar at the Alamo. My fiance and I attended “Dismember the Alamo” in October where we got to spend HOURS watching both new and old horror films as well as a pre-screening for a movie that hadn’t been released yet.


You can find the calendar of events here. Or, join the Victory club to get bi-weekly emails that keep you updated on all the fun events upcoming at the Alamo. Is there something missing on the calendar that you’ve always wanted to see on the big screen? Ryan assures me that any and all suggestions are reviewed and considered by the management staff! Contact them through the Contact Me section of their website and maybe you’ll see your request on the big screen!

What’s the Victory Club you ask? Well, let me fill you in! You can easily join the club for FREE here. Pros: special invitations to pre-screenings, rewards, BOGO’s, free birthday movie pass, AND MORE! Cons: NONE! Work your way up to Top Brass level and you’ll be earning yourself some amazing surprises.

Do you like to eat food and drink alcohol? Who doesn’t?! Every theater at the Alamo is fully staffed with awesome servers who will bring you any food or alcoholic beverage on the menu. I haven’t had a single thing there that wasn’t amazing! I highly recommend the pizzas, buffalo cauliflower bites, and adult milkshakes. There are usually specially featured items on the menu that correspond with the new releases playing at the Alamo.

Now on to the juicy part: those insider hacks I was able to hook you up with!

  1. Did you know that you can rent out a theater for a birthday party or other big events? Ryan told me about a How To Train Your Dragon themed birthday party where they all watched the movie. They even had a face painter, special menu, and a dragon the kids could battle with. Now that sounds like an awesome birthday party!
  2. Do you feel like you can’t go to the movies anymore because you’ve got a little one at home? Not at the Alamo! Every Tuesday before 4 pm all babies are allowed in the theatre! Bring your baby in for free! The awesome technicians even turn down the sound in the theaters for the comfort of your baby’s ears!

If you’re still not convinced at this point then there is no hope for you. 😉

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about a KC special! Feel free to like, comment, or leave suggestions of who you would like to see featured here next!



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