Thrift Store Score – Leather Owl Purse


Long before the Macklemore song was a hit back in 2013 I have been a thrift store fanatic.

While out strolling Mass St with my fiance yesterday we decided to make a spontaneous stop at Arizona Trading Company. I love going through the accessories here because girls in Lawrence all have such unique and interesting styles!

I had no luck in the dress sections and decided to search through the handbags.

A key point of thrift store finds is dedication. Sometimes you have to search through the same rack twice or look in an unexpected place to find that perfect item. So, much to my surprise, on top of a clothing rack I saw an interesting leather bag.


The cute little guy caught my eye but for reasons unknown I walked away from it.

I know we have all heard the term buyers remorse but I had reverse buyers remorse. After being home for an hour I still couldn’t get the bag out of my mind.  I told my fiance we had to go back immediately!

Luckily the bag was right where I left it and I immediately purchased it for $20.

After I purchased the bag and was examining it I was thrilled to find the little wings are also adorable little front pockets!


A bargain find doesn’t truly become a bargain until you figure out what the original price of the item is. There are no tags, stamps or label of any kind on the bag so I went to my trusty friend Google.

After an extensive search I finally tracked down the maker here. That’s right folks, this is a handmade leather bag that’s sold for $80!! Definitely a good thrift shop find!!

I highly recommend you check out this Etsy shop (link above) for unique bags and so much more! My adorable Mr Green Owl also comes in burgundy and other beautiful leathers.

Feel free to visit the link above if you’d like to have an interesting conversation piece like mine!

And happy hunting my thrifty friends!!

*Update 05/12/2016*

Upon reading more on this Etsy page (I just can’t stay off of it) in the About section, I learned that they use this page to support their Autistic son. If that isn’t just another boost to support your decision to splurge, I don’t know what is!


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